SGAHPS Donates $25K to Friends of Camp Security Residents mull new ideas to preserve Spring Grove landmark Can Anyone Identify These Public Officials?

SGAHPS Donates $25K to Friends of Camp Security

The Hoke House - Spring Grove, PA

Residents mull new ideas to preserve Spring Grove landmark

mystery photo - Stoverstown, Pa

Can Anyone Identify These Public Officials?

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The Spring Grove Area Historical Preservation Society was founded in 1986. Inspired by the Borough of Spring Grove’s 100th Anniversary Celebration a few years earlier, the late Mayor Richard Thieret invited several people who had been involved in that observance to reunite---this time, to discuss the feasibility of organizing a local historical society. Eleven people attended that meeting. Mayor Thieret presided over the meeting and Sandra Sterner acted as recording secretary. That was on May 19, 1986.

At a second meeting on June 17, Mayor Thieret appointed nominating, membership and by-laws committees. Two subsequent meetings were held involving more discussion and planning. Less than one year later, our Society was incorporated on March 31, 1987. Harry P. Schrum, who was Spring Grove Borough Secretary at the time, became our organization’s first president. Charter memberships were closed on December 31st that same year with 183 memberships: 48 Life; 59 Family; 67 Individual; and 9 Patron.

Donations of artifacts grew at a steady rate. At first, donated items were stored in a cabinet at the Spring Grove Borough building. Then, in 1992, through the initiative of several volunteers, display cases were built and placed at the Glatfelter Memorial Library. In 1997, an artifacts room was opened in the Educational Service Center of the Spring Grove Area School District. Finally, in 2000, the artifacts were moved to three newly refurbished rooms in the Spring Grove Area Community Center where we established our present museum which comprises more than 3,000 square feet. Practically all of the renovations were accomplished by the Society’s dedicated volunteers.

Today our organization enjoys a membership of more than 500 persons. We are particularly proud of our museum that now houses more than 8,500 artifacts and memorabilia, as well as a unique collection of local photographs. The success of our organization can be attributed to the keen interest and generosity of all those who have supported us in numerous ways since our beginning in 1986.

We resolve to provide a historical legacy for this and future generations of Spring Grove Area residents.


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