Recognizing Our Historic Buildings

Historical Site PlaqueAnother way in which our organization has been influential in preserving local history is by our having identified and documented over the years, certain historic buildings within the Spring Grove “area.”    Following specific criteria, we have designated approximately 30 properties worthy of the society’s distinctive oval bronze marker.  The list includes private residences, houses of worship, farms, schools, and a few businesses. In order to qualify for the plaque, a structure must have architectural/historic integrity; i.e., it must look like the period of history in which it was built with little or no change to its basic structure.  Additionally, it has to be significant in terms of its architecture, or the people who lived there or events that occurred there. Just as importantly, the buildings and grounds should be properly maintained.  While there is no guarantee that our markers will save a property from demolition or prevent any type of alteration or modernization, it is our hope that the placement of these markers will ultimately have an influence on the property’s historical longevity.

To date, our bronze plaques have added distinction to the following properties:

McClellan Swartz – Elizabeth S. Hoke House 120 North Water Street circa 1860-1880
Sacred Heart Catholic Church 152 North Main Street 1885
P. Stambaugh & Sons Garage 96 North Main Street 1921
Mt. Zion Reformed Church 12 North Main Street 1902-1903
Coleman – Schwartz Farmhouse 48 South Main Street 1852
Aldine Hotel 86 South Main Street 1886-1887
St. Paul Lutheran Church Parsonage 176 South Main Street 1893
P. H. Glatfelter Founder’s House 225 South Main Street (converted) 1887
St. Paul Lutheran Church 201 South Main Street 1909
W.L. Glatfelter – William McClellan House 183 South Main Street circa 1879
William A. Stambaugh House 3 South Main Street circa 1882-84
Spring Grove Public School 100 East College Avenue 1897
Paradise Holtzschwamm Church Paradise Township 1849
Lewis Alwine House (has been razed) 6 South Main Street 1900
Christian Hershey–Norman Waltersdorff Farm North Codorus Township 1785
Allen Waltersdorff – Cleo Wildasin Farm North Codorus Township 1816
Sacred Heart Rectory 152 North Main Street circa 1890
David P. Glenn-Danner Estate Porters Sidling 1850
First National Bank 135 South Main Street 1902
Trinity Lutheran Church Seven Valleys 1871
W.A.H. Swartz Store York New Salem 1876
Spring Grove Ice & Ice Cream Company
(Site of first Spring Forge School)
110 North Main Street 1918
Charles Hoke House 119 North Main Street 1893
St. Jacob’s U.C.C. Church York New Salem 1860
Trinity Roth’s U.C.C. Church 6417 Church Road 1893
Mt. Zion Reformed Parsonage 43 West Constitution Avenue 1908
St. Peter’s (Lischey’s) U.C.C. 5671 Lischey’s Church Road 1896
Abraham Gerber Farm – Guthrie Farm Heidelberg Township 1809
Jacob Miller Farm Jackson Township circa 1835-40
Killian Ziegler – Louise Frye Farm Jackson Township 1860



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