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Historical RippletThe Historical Ripplet, the official publication of the Spring Grove Area Historical Preservation Society, is now in its 26th year.  The Ripplet, as it is commonly referred to, was given its name in tribute to the only newspaper ever published in Spring Grove, The Spring Grove Ripplet.  That newspaper was published weekly every Friday during the years 1897 to 1922.

An article appearing in Volume 1, No. 1 of the Society’s The Historical Ripplet which debuted in March, 1987 contained this comment from the editor: “To ripple is to stir up small waves says Webster’s Dictionary. It is our wish that The Historical Ripplet’s ‘small wave’ will burgeon into a tidal wave of interest and support for our organization.”

There is no doubt that the popular newsletter has had a huge impact on our steadily-increasing membership over the years.  Today, there are more than 500 copies produced and mailed to our members six times yearly. There have been two anniversary issues, one on the occasion of the newsletter’s tenth anniversary in 1997, and the second, in observance of the Society’s 25th year in November 2011.

Editor and overseer of this popular newsletter since its inception is Barbara Kling.  She is supported by a willing staff, but also encourages society members and other readers to share their stories and photographs of an historical or nostalgic nature as well.

A complete index of feature articles over the last 25 years is available on this website.  Actual articles can be viewed at the museum during normal visiting hours.

The museum is also very fortunate to have in its safekeeping approximately 200 original Spring Grove Ripplet newspapers. Photocopies of these old publications can be found in the library section of our School Room.

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