Ripplet Articles 1980s

Ripplet Articles 1987

March 1987 Historic Hammill Pipe Organ at Sacred Heart Church
Aldine Bldg 100 years old
May 1987 The 1905 Commencement Program reprinted
Historic S.G. Barn Razed
July 1987 Early 20th Century Recreation (Part 1)
S.G. Recalls its old Steam Bakery (Smith’s)
September 1987 Early Schools
8-76 West Constitution (Old Trolley Station)
Historic Pigeon Hills
St. Francis School 140 Years Old
Early 20th Century Recreation (Part 2)
November 1987 RIP (Headstone Epitaphs)
Hartman’s Drug Store
The Lock Up (S.G. Jail)
Friendship Hose Co. No. 1, the Early Years

Ripplet Articles 1988

January 1988 Jefferson Dutch Supper
List of Charter Members
Mike Lau’s Store
Who was Johnny Ripplet?
March 1988 Springtime Memories (Graybill Hoke Farm)
York Airport, Thomasville
May 1988 N. Codorus Township Anniversary
The Flowering in the Bud by A. Gladfelter
July 1988 Christ Church Celebrates 100th Anniversary
S.G. Ice & Ice Cream Plant
Celebrating the Glorious 4th
Dutch poem My Hoond
A look at July 4, 1942
September 1988 The Library (SG Free Public)
Early Library Fundraisers
Area Landmark Destroyed by Fire – WMRR Station
Letter from Mrs. Jarnigin (Bretz)
Remembering the Lunch Pail (Rearick’s School)
November 1988 Funerals
Hanover Junction
Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address in Dutch
The Square in Jefferson

Ripplet Articles 1989

January 1989 The MD-PA Border
Family Farm Butchering
March 1989 PHG Co. 1864-1938
Menges Mills
May 1989 100 Years on Main St. (Edward Shue Family)
PHG Co. 1890-1914
July 1989 The Switchboard – Luciele White story
PHG Co. 1915-1939
Letter from R. Geiman re-Md/Pa Boundary Markers
Do You Remember When?
The Ragman (and vendors)
September 1989 PHG Co. 1940-1964
SG Public School Data by A.E. Jacobs 4/1/39
November 1989 Community Safety Meeting
Excerpts from Farmers’ Directory of York Co. 1915


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