Ripplet Articles 1990s

Ripplet Articles 1990

January 1990 PHG Co. 1965-1989
An Eventful Trip – Dr. Shue’s sleigh ride to deliver baby
History of Bailey Travel Service
March 1990 Moulstown Part 1
Memories of S.G. with Ben Smith
Churning your own Butter
May 1990 Playground Memories
A June Wedding – Elizabeth Hershey/Lucian Swartz
Early Life in the Pigeon Hills (Moulstown) Part 2
July 1990 English translation from Moravian Archives Re: Lischey’s Church (Andreas)
The Hill
Rev. Jacob Leschey
The Old Swimming Holes
September 1990 Yohe & Sons Orchards
A Jefferson Doctor (Dr. Gunnet)
November 1990 The Senft Family History (Senft’s Furniture)
History of Trinity Roth’s Church

Ripplet Articles 1991

January 1991 Dr. Charles Glatfelter Speaks on Area History
Word Puzzle – Rev. Andreas
Strickhauser Ravine
Recipe for Making Every Day Happy
March 1991 Dollmeyer’s Sewing Co.
Edwin R. Danner – The Spirit of a Native Son Lives On
Worm Grunting
Thumbnail History of Porters Sideling
Porters Community Fire Co.
May 1991 The May Festival (PTA Program)
Piano Recital by Pupils of Carrie Stauffer 1915
Congratulations to S.G. Area High School Rocket Band
July 1991 The Art of Hair Care – Jamison Beauty Shop
York’s 250th Anniversary Celebration Highlights
Early  beginnings of York Town
September 1991 Sensible Rules for Life Lengthened from Chase’s Book 1900
Agricultural & Industrial Museum of York Co.
Rainfall Summary (Since 1930)
The Preacher & His Sermon – Translated from Pa. German
Do You Remember?
November 1991 Veterans Day 1991 – Organization of S.G. VFW
Jefferson Square Re-dedicated
The Homefront – Part 1 (SG During WWII)

Ripplet Articles 1992

January 1992 Die Nacht for de Chrischdaag – Clement Moore
The Homefront – Part 2
Wartime Letter re: S.G. Post Office – Virginia Bortner Shull
March 1992 The Homefront – Part 3
Lischey’s Reunion Booklet 1930 Excerpts
Der Achtsum Alt Babier Macher Sawgt (June 57)
Rainfall Summary
May 1992 The Scrapbook (tributr to Madaline Bretz Jamagin)
Lischey’s Yearbook 1922 Excerpts
Luckenbaugh Chevrolet Co.
Pa. Dutch Night (Schnitzelbank)
July 1992 Lischey’s Yearbook 1923 Excerpts
Flood of 1972
The Cathedral on the Codorus
Der Achtsum Alt Babier Macher Sawgt (June 55)
Observation Post 216A
September 1992 Life at the Old Mill by Oscar Nace (Marburg)
Elizabeth S. Hoke
Der Bower (with English translation)
November 1992 Glatfelter Memorial Library Dedicated
Rules & Ordinances of Borough of S.G. 1882
S.G. National Bank – 90 Years of Community Banking
Seven Valleys Celebrates its Centennial
Lishey’s Yearbook 1919-20 Excerpts

Ripplet Articles 1993

January 1993 Max Harris Store
1993…Waas Gepts?
Wagner & Swartz Creamery
Do You Remember Way Back When?
The York Fair
March 1993 Old Forge Farm
Arden of Spring Grove
Jig of the Week (Hartman’s drug store puzzle)
May 1993 Emig’s Restaurant
Salute to S.G. Lions Club
July 1993 Mark Shermeyer Speaks on the Dempwolfs
Quick Thinking (Civil War story)
September 1993 Charlie Hershey
Rex Paver (building state highway)
Do You Remember?
Scene from the past – Pa. RR Water Tanks
November 1993 Salute to Mt. Zion UCC
Lela M. Baublitz, Piano Teacher
A Co-worker’s Tribute to LMB

Ripplet Articles 1994

January 1994 Spring Grove – Woodyard baseball field, tennis courts, horseshoe pitching
York Collegiate Institute
A Pa. Dutchman’s New Year Wish
March 1994 Nashville
The Town Lock-up
Sauter Funeral Home
May 1994 Levi Jamison, Green Grocer
Young Bull Montzna – J. Earl Tatnell
S.G. Feed & Coal Co., A Son’s Memories
July 1994 Pigeon Hill Woodlot Boundary Story
List of Superstitions
A”Ghoulish” Misinterpretation – mysterious lights at Catholic Church
September 1994 S.G. School Building
Myers Canning Company
School Day Memories – Almena Hoke
November 1994 “Murder” The Court Wrote 87 Years Ago – Part 1 (Trolley Line Construction Worker Shoots Boss)
Society Purchases 1901 Newspapers (Pres. McKinley’s Death)
The Spring Forge Clock
WWII Poem “The Soldier’s Prayer”

Ripplet Articles 1995

January 1995 “Murder” Part 2
Can You Remember?  Places & Events in SG
North Codorus Township Oil Scam
March 1995 Biesecker’s Mill
“Murder” Part 3
The Story of My Wedding Dress by Evelyn Kern
May 1995 A Stroll up Main Street
“Murder” Conclusion
July 1995 S.G. 95 Years Ago as told by Alemenia Welsh Hoffeins
Honoring Our American Flag
A Lost Memory Rekindled – Hoke Family Poultry Exhibitors
Smith’s Bluebird Bakery Baseball Team
September 1995 The Dutch A-B-C’s
Goose Day
York County Poultry Fanciers Club
The Lake Club is 50 Years Old
Begin the series “The Way It Was” by Rev. Morgan Andreas
November 1995 Remembering Evelyn Wentz
Testimonial Dinner Marked Aldine’s Closing

Ripplet Articles 1996

January 1996 A Tribute to Our Founder
Begin Printing pages from “Guidance & Procedures Manual” thru 1/97
From Rags to Riches (Harry Reese story)
Old Forge Diary – Early memories of Mary Ann Sprenkle
March 1996 Spring Forge Development
Spring Grove’s Big Band Era
May 1996 The Pigeon Hills
Riddles of the PA Germans
July 1996 The Monocacy Road
Janesy’s Story by Fred Bentz
Flying Saucer Sighted in Pigeon Hills
September 1996 History of SG Women’s Club
My Memories of the Hoke Farmhouse
November 1996 History of Lischey’s Church
Himmels Brief
S.G.’s Contribution to Ball Room Dancing

Ripplet Articles 1997

January 1997 Pigeon Hill’s Murder – Christine Harmon
March 1997 Tribute to P. H. Glatfelter III
St. Emanuel’s Cemetery
May 1997 We Salute ANNA JACOBS RIKER On Her 100th Birthday
Trolleys II
When Haircuts for Men in Spring Grove Were Still the Style
Area Hosts Distinguished Visitors (Black Swans on Kessler Pond)
July 1997 Looking Back 25 Years – June 22, 1972
Paving Main Street
Getting Acquainted With The Thomasville Stone & Lime Company
The Oldest House in Spring Grove
September 1997 A Tribute to John B. Miller
A Tribute to Miss Hershey
November 1997 Bethlehem United Methodist Church is 150 Years Old
Jefferson School is 100!
Zeigler’s Hardware
Spring Grove School Rededication
1747 – 1997 (Remembering Spring Grove’s 200th Anniversary Celebration)

Ripplet Articles 1998

January 1998 Remembering Lettie Wehrly
1747 – 1997 Community Worship Service
The Right Kind of Trust
March 1998 Wiota – 1898
May 1998 The Pennsylvania Railroad’s Frederick Branch
July 1998 Wiota Landmark Destroyed
Remembering a Tragic Fire 55 Years Ago
September 1998 Bethel UCC Celebrates 125th Anniversary
November 1998 Jefferson Church Observes 170th Anniversary
Spring Grove (Reprinted from Review of York County -1890s.)
The Jeffersonian

Ripplet Articles 1999

January 1999 In 1935, A Young Spring Grove Twenty-Five Year Old RN, Janesy B. Myers, On World Cruise
A Tribute to Luther H. Yohe 1907-1998
May 1999 Spring Magic At Pleasant View
Taverns Played an Important Role in Eighteenth Century American Life & Culture
July 1999 Congratulations to Baugher Motors “On the Hill” in Jefferson – 75th Anniversary 1924 – 1999
Iron Ridge
Fourth of July Celebrations (Reprinted from The History of York County Pennsylvania by George R. Prowell, 1907)
September 1999 Harry A. Smeltz, Jr., Teacher, Coach, Family Man
The Spring Forge School
November 1999 The York Imperial Apple
Dad (Dr. Spurgeon T. Shue) by Spurgeon T. Shue, Jr.
An Eventful Trip  (Reprinted from The Historical Ripplet, January 1990)
The Cookes House
The Story of How and Why I Obtained The Cookes House (By Byron M. Garman)


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