Ripplet Articles 2000s

Ripplet Articles 2000

January 2000 We Bid Farewell to the 1900s
What Do You Remember?
March 2000 It Happened in March
Early 20th Centrury Recreation (Reprinted from Vol. 1, Nos. 3 & 4)
May 2000 Henry E. Lanius 1882-1943
Spring Grove Feed and Coal Company–A Son’s Memories (By Fred F. Bentz)  (Reprinted from The Historical Ripplet, May 1994)
July 2000 Don’t Destroy Our Historic Landmarks!
The Swinging Bridge At Menges Mills
The Excursion (Reprinted from The Ripplet, July 1987)
September 2000 The Chautauqua
Memories (By Grace K. Smith)
The Sounds of Summer
November 2000 Letter from Dorothy Hoke Delasin
NEWS (Kane Stambaugh’s paper carrying experiences)
A Tribute to Ruth Pegan
Birth, Life and Death in Jefferson

Ripplet Articles 2001

January 2001 Rev. Paul Yoder & Chief Joseph Strong Wolf
One of the Earliest Landmarks in York County – The Gristmill and Sawmill in Menges Mills  1740 – 1963
Memories  (By John H. Thomas)
March 2001 A Trip Down Memory Lane – CARS
Quilts Are A Labor of Love
May 2001 Clayton’s Vanilla Factory – Menges Mills, PA
The Rose Window
Memorial Day Parade
July 2001 The Spring Forge Scavengers
Deterich Schwartz
Recollections of Deterich Schwartz (Written by Schwartz in his later years)
My Memories of the Codorus Canning Company (By S.Aylmer Yoder)
Did You Know???
September 2001 Former School Serves Jefferson Community
St. Emanuel Burial Grounds Monument Dedicated
1913 Model T Ford Coup
November 2001 Peter Nathaniel Strasbaugh
The Homefront (Reprinted from The Ripplet, November 1991) Part One

Ripplet Articles 2002

January 2002 The Homefront  (Reprinted from The Ripplet, November 1991) Part Two
Christmas Memories of St. Paul (By Nevin K. Smith)
March 2002 Congratulations, Annie!  (Annie Tatnell’s 100th Birthday)
Springtime Memories (Reprinted from the March, 1988 Ripplet)
May 2002 Allen J. Beck, Jr. A True American Hero
Remembering Virgie Hawkins Stauffer
Looking Back Thirty Years – The Flood of 1972
July 2002 Spring Grove’s “Music Man” Sterling Rennoll Reflects On His Career and Spring Grove’s Fabulous Past-Time Ballroom
Uncle Sam
September 2002 Rev. Morgan Andreas Recalls A Special Day
Mt. Zion’s Building is 100 Year Old
November 2002 The Great War (As seen through the eyes of The Spring Grove Ripplet Newspaper – 1917-1919)

Ripplet Articles 2003

January 2003 The Great War (Part II)
Remember When Winters Were Cold?
March 2003 The Great War (Part III)
Spring Forge – Spring Grove Praise and Proud History
May 2003 Paul E. “Jake” Mathias A Sports Hero and Community Leader
July 2003 Saluting The Korean Veterans
September 2003 A Milestone In Life (Eva Hartman reaches the age of 100)
November 2003 Memories of George Lau’s Store
Spring Grove Lions Mark Their 70th Year

Ripplet Articles 2004

March 2004 A Glimpse At The Winters of Yesteryear
May 2004 The Class of 1945
July 2004 The Lockup  (Reprinted from the November, 1987 Ripplet)
Playground Memories (Reprinted from The Ripplet, May 1990)
September 2004 School Busing In The Spring Grove School District
Remembering The Cum-On Inn
November 2004 P. Stambaugh And Sons Spring Grove’s Pioneer Ford Dealer
Local Vet Attends 452nd Bomb Group Reunion

Ripplet Articles 2005

January 2005 Elmer H. Myers — A Fire Chief On A Mission
March 2005 A Tale Of A Doll House
May 2005 St. Paul Lutheran Celebrates 125 Years
July 2005 A Visit To The Glatfelter Mansion
York, Pennsylvania – In The Hands Of The Confederates
My Dad  (By Nancy Glassmoyer Miller)
September 2005 The 100th Glattfelter Reunion
Herbs—An Ancient Art
Spring Grove Senior Citizens
November 2005 Veteran’s Day—November 11, 1991  (Reprinted from the November, 1991 Ripplet)
VFW Post 5265 – An Update
The Old Wooden Wheelbarrow

Ripplet Articles 2006

January 2006 In The Spotlight – James L. Miller
March 2006 Jonas And John Berkheimer Spring Grove Area Coal Dealers
Berkheimer Genealogy
May 2006 Wiota
July 2006 Mary Ann Furnace
Spring Forge Hammer
What Freedom Means To Me  (By Spring Grove school student, Daria Curry)
September 2006 The Stewart Laughman Sawmill, A Family Operated Business
November 2006 The Paradise Horse Thief Detecting Society
Cherished Memories (By Grace K. Smith)

Ripplet Articles 2007

January 2007 Wintertime Memories (By Marianne Roth Harbold)
Rambling Recollections
March 2007 Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend
Remembering Charles Doerflein
Popular Newsletter Celebrates Twenty Years
Winters of Yesteryear (By Grace K. Smith)
May 2007 The Fury Of Agnes
Excerpts From The Journals Of Abraham Hoke
July 2007 Elizabeth Stauffer Shue (By her son, Spurgeon T. Shue, Jr.)
58-76 West Constitution Avenue
Menges Mills Market
Recollections Of The Class Of 1936 Of Spring Grove High School
September 2007 Spring Grove Known As Paper Mill Town  (Reprinted from the York Dispatch, August 4, 1921)
November 2007 When Home Visits Were Commonplace
“A Day That Will Live In Infamy” – S/Sgt. Walt Garrett Shares His Memories Of December 7, 1941

Ripplet Articles 2008

January 2008 Wintertime On The Farm (Excerpts from Childhood Memories of Life on a Farm by Daniel L. Shearer, S.T.M., D.D.)
Birth Of A Paper (Reprinted from the York Dispatch, January 2, 1947)
March 2008 Karl Ort, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
May 2008 A House of History
July 2008 Mamie Remembers Gettysburg
Marilynn’s Baton/Dance Studio
The Switchboard  (Reprinted from the July 1989 Ripplet)
September 2008 The PTA  (Reprinted from the September 1988 Ripplet)
Memories Of A One-Room School
November 2008 Spring Grove During World War II (Thru the eyes of an 8 year old)

Ripplet Articles 2009

January 2009 Democrats Hoist Standards Celebrating Recent Victory (1932 article donated to the Museum)
March 2009 The Art of Hair Care
May 2009 Farewell to Harvey (By his daughter, Becky)
Meyers Meat Market
July 2009 Memories Of The Class Of 1947 And The Spring Grove Area
September 2009 Spring Grove Goes To The Movies
Yohe & Son Orchards (Reprinted from the September 1990 Ripplet)
November 2009 The End Of An Era


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