Ripplet Articles 2010s


Ripplet Articles 2010

January 2010 The Jefferson That Was – Sleds & Coasters
Christmastime At The One-room Schools
Nearly A Half Century Of The Bortner Meat Business In Spring Grove
March 2010 Fraktur Facts From June Lloyd
May 2010 The May Festival (Reprinted from The Historical Ripplet – May 1991)
July 2010 The Paper Mill
World War II (1941-1945)
September 2010 Sounds In Spring Grove Many Years Ago, c.1935
A Stroll Up Main Street In The Little Town Of Spring Grove. PA. (Reprinted from The Historical Ripplet, May 1995)
November 2010 Grand Perfect Stove
Memories Of Growing Up In Spring Grove (By Gerald Tiehel)
Spring Grove’s Rhodes Scholar – Bruce McClellan

Ripplet Articles 2011

January 2011 Can You Remember? Places And Events In Spring Grove (Reprinted from the January 1993 Ripplet)
March 2011 A Check For How Much? (Article by Ron Henry regarding the Laura Tullock Bequest)
Testimonial Dinner Marked Aldine’s Closing (Reprinted from The Historical Ripplet, November, 1995)
May 2011 York, Pennsylvania In The Hands Of The Confederates June 28-30, 1863
The Butcher Shop
July 2011 The Old Swimming Holes (Reprinted from The Historical Ripplet, July 1990)
Like Father, Like Son – Lewis H. Alwine (1874-1958)
September 2011 A Tribute To John B. Miller (Reprinted from The Historical Ripplet, September 1997)
Spring Grove Ice & Ice Cream Plant (Reprinted from The Historical Ripplet, July 1988)
November 2011 Our First President- Harry Schrum “Pride Oozes!!!!”
John Henry Thomas
Millard H. Strayer
Twenty Five Years in Review

Ripplet Articles 2012

January 2012 A Lasting Memorial
“25th Year” Celebration
From the Spring Grove Ripplet Newspaper – Oct 20, 1911 “A Chestnut Story”
March 2012 Spring Grove’s Alumni Chorus
New Life for an Historic Landmark
May 2012 The Miller Sisters Remember Sara A. Stauffer
July 2012 Amusement Parks
William B. Sterner – 1908-1994
Seven Valleys Ice Cream
September 2012 A Remembrance of Fred J. Bailey, “The Bow Tie Man”
One Hundred Years of Girl Scouting
November 2012 Fred J. Bailey’s War Time Experiences
Memorable Visits With Mae (Part I)

Ripplet Articles 2013

January 2013 Memorable Visits With Mae (Part II)
Museum Via 15-Year Commitment of Volunteers
Paul Diehl, Jr. Honored for Lifetime of Public Service
March 2013 Early Days at The Spring Grove National Bank
Stoverstown Highlights
A Southern Invasion
May 2013 Honoring a Local Hero (Cameron J. Stambaugh)
July 2013 Spring Grove High School Graduation – 2013
September 2013 Long Term Survival (Generation to Generation)
Early Schools (Reprinted from the September 1987     Historical Ripplet)
GONE, BUT NOT FORGOTTEN”  (Poem by Richard Thomas)


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