Walking Tour of Spring Grove’s Historic District

“We shape our buildings; thereafter, our buildings shape us.” This quote by Winston Churchill emphasizes the need to preserve the past.

Spring Grove Historic DistrictThe identification of historical sites by Historic York in 1984 has been the basis for our organization’s efforts to promote the preservation of noteworthy structures in the Spring Grove “area.”  One of the ways in which we have met our objective is by installing plaques on our worthy sites, discussed elsewhere on this website.

Spring Grove Historic District TourA second means of fulfilling our aspirations has been through the design and promotion of a “walking tour” of The Borough of Spring Grove’s historic district.  The area is roughly bounded by College Avenue, Jackson, Water, East and Church Streets.  A tour booklet highlights a brief description of the town’s most historically significant buildings while, at the same time, the walk allows the participant to observe firsthand the various buildings’ architectural features, many of them impressive.  The Spring Grove community can boast of at least seven structures designed by York’s most noted architect, J. A. Dempwolf.  “Walking by” versus simply “driving by” these buildings of historical significance allows one to more fully appreciate the detail and uniqueness of each.

  1. Spring Grove Public School
  2. Spring Grove School Auditorium
  3. Stambaugh House
  4. McClellan Swartz – Elizabeth Hoke House
  5. Sacred Heart Rectory
  6. Sacred Heart Catholic Church
  7. P. Stambaugh & Son Garage
  8. Charles Hoke House
  9. Spring Grove Ice & Ice Cream Company (site of the first Spring Forge School)
  10. (A) Mt. Zion United Church of Christ
    (B) Mt. Zion U.C.C. Parsonage
  11. Peoples National Bank
  12. William A Stambaugh House
  13. Coleman – Schwartz Farmhouse
  14. The Aldine Hotel
  15. First National Bank
  16. Fire Hall – YMCA
  17. St. Paul Lutheran Church Parsonage
  18. P. H. Glatfelter Paper Mill
  19. P. H. Glatfelter – W. L. Glatfelter – William McClellan House
  20. St. Paul Lutheran Church
  21. P. H. Glatfelter House – Founder of the Mill
  22. The Hoke Farmhouse

The numbers identified along with the above captions correspond with those shown on this map below.  The above-referenced brochures are available at the museum, free of charge, to anyone wishing to take the tour at their leisure. They can be picked up during normal hours. We welcome your interest.

Spring Grove Historical Society Walking Tour Map


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