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In 1984, the Spring Grove Historical District was created.  This registration was concurrent with the 100th Anniversary of the Borough.  The nomination packet is viewable by clicking the button below.  To find out more about NPS's National Registry, click here

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America's 250th Birthday is quickly approaching!

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The Spring Grove Area Historical Preservation Society was founded in 1986, inspired by the Borough of Spring Grove’s 100th Anniversary Celebration a few years earlier. The late Mayor Richard Thieret invited several people involved in that observance to reunite. The purpose of that meeting was to discuss the feasibility of organizing a local historical society. Eleven people attended that meeting. Mayor Thieret presided over the meeting and Sandra Sterner acted as recording secretary. That was on May 19, 1986.

At a second meeting on June 17, Mayor Thieret appointed nominating, membership and by-laws committees. Two subsequent meetings were held involving more discussion and planning. The new historical society was incorporated on March 31, 1987. Harry P. Schrum, who was the Spring Grove Borough Secretary at the time, became our organization’s first president. There were 183 charter memberships: 48 Life; 59 Family; 67 Individual; and 9 Patron.

Donations of artifacts grew at a steady rate. First, donated artifacts were stored in a cabinet at the Spring Grove Borough building. Display cases were built by several volunteers in 1992, and placed at Glatfelter Memorial Library. An artifacts room was eventually opened in 1997 at the Spring Grove Area School District Educational Service Center. The artifacts were moved again in 2000 to the Spring Grove Area Community Center. This building was sold in December 2020. As a result of this sale, we moved our office to 100 Glenview Road in Spring Grove and our collection to storage. Here, our collection is limited by space and rotated to highlight different artifacts. We are particularly proud that our extensive collection has well over 10,000 artifacts included in it. In addition, we have a unique collection of local photographs. Our success is attributed to the interest and generosity of the community since 1986.

Our future looks bright. We have hired a full time Executive Director, whose mission is to help secure the Society a permanent home for our collections and a research archives.  As always, we look forward to continue our mission of providing a historical legacy for this and future generations of the Spring Grove area residents.  Through increased community participation and collaborations with other organizations, we work to become a strong community partner.  

Our History

Some of the memorable events in the last 275 years (but not all, look for more entries to be added often).

King Charles II granted the Penn Family land west and south of New Jersey to form the Colony of Pennsylvania


Paradise Township laid out by Joseph Pidgeon, a surveyor for the Penn Family (Spring Grove was initially part of Paradise Township)


York County established from Lancaster County.


P. Dicks built the first iron bloomery west of the Susquehanna, in the present limits of Spring Grove


Dicks bloomery becomes known as "Spring Forge"


Revolutionary War

1775 - 1783

Spring Forge owned by D. Shireman, wagon loads of iron bar were sent to aid the Colonial Army


T. Coleman sells to J. Hauer and he changes the business from iron forge to paper mill. 

1851 - 1863

Jackson Twp incorporated


American Civil War


St. Paul Lutheran Church built


Spring Grove Borough incorporated


Electric Lights on Main Street


The Ripplet became a widely published family newspaper journal. 


Spring Grove Public School building built 


The 1st National Bank of Spring Grove organized


Telephone lines and sewers installed


P.H. Glatfelter dies.


First Ordinance regulating automobile speed on Main Street.


Post Office officially changed from Spring Forge to Spring Grove 


First House numbering system put into place.


First World War


First "Barker" published

March 1920

Fire Department purchases a fire truck for $4,500


Cemetery Street renamed Constitution Avenue for 150th anniversary of the Constitution of the US


World War 2


Korean War


Spring Grove Joint High School built on Hanover Road. (now middle school)


Vietnam Conflict


Annexed the Spring Forge Tract to increase the Borough to current size.


Cable TV franchise granted.


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Our collection management software has been provided by a grant from the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission. 

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2.7.23 Press Release - Hoke House

The Spring Grove Area Historical Preservation Society and its Board of Directors respectfully ask that the demolition of the Hoke House be reconsidered and that other options including preservation, removal to another location or incorporation into Rutters new planned construction for the site be explored. If preservation is not an option, we would then like to be included in any discussions concerning further documenting and artifact gathering of the structure and grounds. It is well documented that this property belongs on the National Registry of Historic Places. During its lifetime, The Hoke House has stood as a silent witness to progress over the last 275 years and to lose this building would be a loss to the community.


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About us

Spring Grove Area Historical Preservation Society is a 501(c)3, nonprofit, charitable organization located in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania. All donations stay within the organization to create a historical legacy for this and future generations of Spring Grove area residents. Donations may be tax deductible, check with your financial advisor.

Spring Grove Area Historical Preservation Society does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

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